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THE news from Spain this week possesses considerable interest. The Constitutional party is evidently so strong, that the Queen a Government is under the necessity of...

We have accounts from Lisbon to the 27th October. The

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Mievelite army had taken up their quarters at Santarem, and were preparing to defend it with vigour: MIGUEL himself had retired to Elves. Don PEDRO'S troops were encamped in the...

The French - Nati mal Guards were reviewed by Kings LOUIS

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PHILIP and LEOPOLD on Sunday last. The Opposition journals laboured hard to persuade the citizen-soldiers, that it was derogatory to their dignity to be called out for the mere...

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The States-General of Holland have addressed their Sovereign in reply

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to his speech. As we say in England, "the address was, as usual, an echo of the speech." One uncourtly phrase, however, appears to have crept into it: the Deputies aver, "that...

We are indebted to the far-reaching correspondence of the Times,

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this week, for some intelligence from Sweden ; a country in the concerns of which Englishmen generally take little interest, and of which they consequently know but little. The...

Accounts from Constantinople, dated October 2d, inform us -that NAMIR

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PACHA is gone to St. Petersburg, to request a delay .ef the payment of the contribution in arrear from the Porte to Russia, and to settle various particulars relative to the...

frbe Court.

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THE King and Queen continue in the enjoyment of uninterrupted health at Brighton. They appear in public, taking rides or excursions on the water, eery fine day. Among the...


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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE. WHITEHALL. 2d November 1833.—The Ring has been pleased to give and grant unto ALEXANDER. HOUSTON, Clerk, of Beads in the shire of Edinbur g h, and of...

rbe inetrupulie.

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At a Court of Common Councii held on Thursday, Mr. Deputy Wood requested the attention of the Court to a report of a Committee over which he had the honour to preside,...

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Sir James Scarlett applied to the Court of King's Bench,

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on 'Wed-_esday, to appoint an early day for the trial of Mr. W. J. Banker, dember for Dorsetshire. He supported this application Ilan affidavit af the following tenour on the...

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Upwards of four hundred respectable firms in the City have

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signed a petition to the Court of Common Council for removing the bankinghouse of Messrs Smith, Payne, and Smith, and by such means to continue the new street to London Bridge,...

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Cbc exuntrv.

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The nomination of a candidate to supply the vacancy in the representation of York, made by the death of Captain Bayntun, took place on Wednesday. No opposition to the election...

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The charges for labour in Woolwich Dock-yard are reduced more

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than one-half in the present year. The worktneu under twenty years' servitude have been discharged without pension ; but those who have served a longer time receive 201. a year....

The new steam-engine boiler just erected by Messrs. Blacker, Collins,

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and Co., at their pit at Radstoek, exploded on Saturday morning, and destroyed nearly all the premises; parts of which were blown in different directions to a distance of nearly...

On Saturday afternoon, Mr. James Gleadow, of the Customs at

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Hull, fell in, at the entrance of the Humber, with a small-decked vessel of about nine tons burden called the Reform, for which he had been for some time on the look-out. On...

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Mr. Littleton has ordered the dismissal of Colonel Verner, of An. magh, from the commission of the peace, for ecglect of duty, as respected some proceeding of the Orangemen in...

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The greater tart of the visiters at the late Perth Races still continue in the neighbourhood; and in the interval, the Duke and Duchess of Buceleuch have joined the...

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The first Cabinet dinner takes place on Monday, at Mr. Stanley's.

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Lord Grenville has again been attacked by apoplexy ; and, from the state in which it has left him, he is considered to be in the greatest danger.—Morning Chronicle. From a...


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Government have received certain intelligence that Don Canios has not yet left Portugal; and that Marshal Bouamoxr, who had crossed the frontiers, has been detained in custody...

The effects which Don CARLOS left at Lisbon have been

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delivered u p to the Spanish Consul, who has put the Government seal upon them. It is said that at Figueiras and Coimbra there have been movements in favour of the Queen ; but...

A large body of Miguelites, attempting to desert to the

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Pedroites, was overtaken by the troops sent in pursuit ot them, and nearly all were immediately shot.

A correspondent of the Morning Herald, who dates from Constanti..

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nople, states that the Sultan himself offered to close the Dardanelles against the vessels of all foreign nations except Russia ; and that the treaty between Russia and Turkey...

A report is in circulation that Major-General ELLICE will be

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promoted, over the heads of several of his experienced seniors in the ser. vice, to the Lieutenant-Governorship of Portsmouth, in the room of Sir Coutc CAMPBELL. In allusion to...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The Money Market has been very firm during the week ; and a much greater disposition for investment has existed, for the last few days, than...

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TO THE ,EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. • . Edinburgh, 30th October 13.3. Sue—Having been for some Weeks past in Scotland on a professional tour, it happened that I only yesterday...


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The Herenles, Vaughn, pet back to Calcutta on 17th June, to unload, having struck the ground in coming down the ilooghley. The Emerald, Crawford, from the Clyde, was on shore...


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On the 9th May. at Valparaiso, Mrs. Pgratt. Kist:, of a .stillborn son. On the 1st inst., ut the Rookery, Roehampton, the Lady of the lion. GEORGE Mossr.v., or a datightor. On...


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WE present our readers with a letter from an extraordinary correspondent,—Mr. O'CoNNELL; who takes this mode of' replying to the strictures which we and others lately offered on...

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COMPROMISE WITH TAX-RECEIVERS. • Ia seems to be universally admitted

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that the House and Window Taxes will be abolished in the ensuing session of Parliament. Very likely, in spite of all the intimations and promises given bylsord .1deenoan and his...

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THE resignation of the Medical Officers of the Aldersgate Street Dispensary is likely to lead to very beneficial effects ; though, we suspect, not exactly of that nature which...

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COMBINATION is. the order of the day. With the exception of the Radical Members of the House of Commons, all classes of men seem convinced, that those only can act with effect...


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THE congregation of St. James's Church, in Piccadilly, were last Sunday surprised at beholding one of the clergymen, the Reverend Mr. ANDREWS, officiating as Clerk. But" he that...

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Last' Priday weela, a mob of the "young gentlemen." of Eton scriool, to the number of three or four hundred, armed with " bludgeons, hammers, and stakes," sallied out for the...


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THE Standard of Monday last cited us as evidence against the Ballot. " The United States of America, upon all subjects the favourite model of British Reformers, has been...

sP - EcTATolits LIBRARY.

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Briery C - likik a. Tale. fly rintriet Martineau. (illustrations of Political Economy, No. "Lx-it.) Foe, BIOORKRay, lives Or the British Admirals; with an Introductory View...


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AFTER illustrating the produe:ion, distribution, and exchang e or wealth, Miss MARTINEAU has proceeded to consumption both. productive and non-productive, and to gluts. S-he has...

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THE Second Volume of Dr.. SOUTHEY'S Lives of the British Ad mirals completes the Introductory View of our Naval History, and commences the Lives ; the first and only one of...

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IN " Colonization as it has been," we have seen that no care has 'been used in selecting the place at which to form a settlement; and that when a region has been pitched upon at...

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Tna parent of the Annuals, the Forget Me Not, is known by the red silk binding, more fragile, but perhaps more beautiful, than the enduring morocco of' its greater compeers. The...