10 NOVEMBER 1950, Page 20

Delegates to U.N.

Snt,—Janus deplores the enforced return of three M.P.s to the duties for which they were elected and for which they are paid, but he does not tell why it is necessary for the British delegation to the United Nations Assembly to be Members of Parliament. Indeed, Sir, one might adduce excellent reasons for sending persons who would not be neglecting their proper duties and whose absence from the country would not deprive a large number of people of the Parliamentary representation [Janus writes: It has always been 'held, both in League of Nations and in United Nations days, that it is important to associate the House of Commons as closely as possible with such international bodies. M.P.s have wider responsibilities (as Burke pointed out emphatically to the electors of Bristol) than are involved in merely representing the interests of one limited locality.]