10 NOVEMBER 1950, Page 22

Preserving Walnuts

SIR,—In his "Country Life" notes in your issue of October 20th Mr. Richard Church asked if any reader could tell him how to preserve walnuts until Christmas. May I suggest trying a method successfully adopted by a_ relative some thirty years ago, which proved highly successful last Christmas? Fill an earthenware jar or container up to the brim with the walnuts, cover top of container with a piece of slate and bury the whole in the earth to a sufficient depth to allow a covering of ashes scme 6 or 7 inches deep. I found this method quite successful last year, as very few of the walnuts thus buried in a three- gallon size earthenware jar had gone bad, and even these were probably rotten before being placed in the jar.=Yours sincerely, G. F. BENNErr.

Gays Cottage, Church Street, Minehead, Somerset.