11 DECEMBER 1841, Page 10


Tam customary tribute to successful talent has been paid to Miss ADELAIDE REMBLE at the Adel phi: the stage Pasquin,Mr.YATEs, having got up a broad burlesque of Norma, in which Mr. PAUL BEDFORD per- sonates Norma, and Mr. WRIGHT Adelgisa, Pollio being represented by Mrs. GRATTAN. Beyond the ludicrous absurdity of the metamorphoses, there is little to raise a laugh ; Mr. BEDFORD'S perception of the points in Miss %EDIBLE'S performance susceptible of ridicule being not re- markable for nice discrimination, any more than his caricature is for satirical humour : Mr. Walcuis coyness and decorous gravity are di- verting. A smart and lively interlude, with the title of the Wooden Leg, gives occupation for the corps de bullet, at Covent Garden ; and affords an opportunity to the future new Clown, Mr. T. RIDGWAY—of whom we entertain great expectations—to stipple his joints and exercise his muscles in preparation for the Christmas pantomime. The subject of the opening of the pantomime is Guy Earl of Warwick and the Dun Cow ; and the author is a young dramatist, who has tried his hand in writing for Clown and Harlequin for the first time. We hope that he will have avoided a fault so constantly complained of as the want of connexion between the story of the introduction and the incidents of the harle- quinade, and that the tricks and changes will all tend to forward the action of the chase. People are beginning to be sick of seeing men coming in with a piece of mechanism, which is transformed and carried out again with no other result than a display of the contriver's in- genuity.

The favourite piece of Charles the Twelfth has been brought forward again ; FARBEN playing the Swedish Soldier-King as before, and BARTLEY taking LISTON'S part of Adam Brock : Madame VESTRIS also introduces the once popular ballad " Rise, gentle moon." A new farce is advertised, with the title of The United Service : may it do better service to the theatre than its predecessors.

The secession of Mr. MACREADY from the Haymarket company, to superintend the preparations for the opening of Drury Lane, which are actively going on, has induced Mr. WEBSTER to revive some of the stock comedies, beginning with two of MORTON'S: A Cure for the Heart-ache was played for the benefit of Mr. ARCHER, the Box-book- keeper, on Wednesday, and is to be repeated tonight; and Speed the Plough was played last night.

The Drury Lane bills are out, announcing a play of SHAKSPERE and a pantomime for the opening night ; but no list of the company has yet appeared.