11 DECEMBER 1841, Page 19



On the 3d December, at York. the Countess of Emascrourr, of a son and heir.

Ou the 30, at Belmont. county Wexford, the Lady of Catatss A. WALKER. Esq..

late M.P.. of a daughter.

On the 3d. at the Rectory, Livermere, Suffolk, the Wife of the Rev. MGM. COI, VILE, of a son. On the 4th. in Pratt Street, Camden Town, the Lady of the Rev. W. L. Coate" assistant-minister of Camdem Chapel. of a daughter. On the 4th. the Lady of CHARLES HAMPDEN TURNER junior, Esq., of Lee Place. 'Hod-

stone, of a daughter.

Ou the 6th. at Eastington Rectory, Gloucestershire, the Lady of the Rev. Thomas Perses, of a daughter. On the 6th, at the Temple, near Manchester, the Lady of HUGH Br.aysa, Esq., of

Glyn Garth, in the county of Anglesea, of a daughter.

On the 6th, at ;Hampstead, Mrs. CHARLES Peon, of Ring's Road, Bedford Row, of

twin daughters.

On the 7th, in Wilton Crescent, Lady DotroLas, of a daughter. On the 10th, in Piendilly, the Dutchess of St. ALBANS, of a daughter. Ou the lath, in Bolton Row, the Lady LIDS.% ALEXANDER, of a daughter.


OD the 1st December, at Dublin, JAMESWILLINGTON WALSH, Esq.,31-D, toNLurnsa,

youngest daughter of The late John Smyth Willcocks, Esq.

On the 7th, at St. Georges, Hanover Square. Armen NarrzaviLts Bums, Esq., third son of Netterville Blake. Esq.. of Newborough House, Galway, Ireland. to Pais. emir Hoxyw000. of Mark's Hell, Essex, Relict of the late Philip Henywood, Esq., late Member for Kent. On the 7th. at Chigwell, Grottos WArtnarrow. Esq., of Aldenham, Herts. to LOUISA, youngest daughter of Robert Bodle. Esq.. of Woolaton Hall, F.sirex. On the 7th, at East Peckham, Kent, JOSEPH, eldest sou of Joseph Starling. Esq., of the Stock Exchange, to MARIA Recites, only daughter of the late J. H. Vine, Esq., of Hadlow, Kent. Ou the 7th, at Christchurch. Marylebone, the Rev. GEORGE Comas of Roxburgh, county of Kerry. to ELIrsierre Sigmas daughter of S. W. Silver, Esq.,of Abbey Road, St. John's Wood. On the 7th, at St. George's. Bloomsbury, the Rev. JOSEPH MATIDE. of Newport. Isle of Wight, and Chaplain to the Lord Bishop of Soder and Man, to Mtge PAWLS'S. third daughter of G. H. Hooper. Esq.. of Bloomsbury Square and Staumore, Middlesex. On the 7th, at &wall, Wismar' JAMES Hope Reserrosa junior, of Annandale, to the Hon. °crews SOPHIA BOSVILLE MACDONALD, youngest daughter of the late Lord Macdonald. On the 7th. at Edinburgh. JAMES WARDROP, Et 46, Lo don, to MAitotarr, second daughter of the late Peter Ewart, Esq.. of Rosehesd, Stewartry of Kirkcudbright, formerly of the Hon. East India Company's Service. On the 8th, at St. George's. Bloomsbury. the Rev. Enwiw Sims CoLearnoe. Vicar of Buckerell. Devon. to ELLEN SOPHIA. second daughter of Henry Patteson, Esq., of Wo- burn Place. Russell Square. On the 9th. at St. Mary's. Wyndham Place, Ctrrnsra'r CoLLrerowoon, second surviv- ing son of Beujamin Edward Hall. Esq., of Paddington, Middlesex. and Cilgwyn, Cardiganshire, to SARAH, ouly surviving child of the late George Lewis Newohani Collingwood, Esq. On the 9th, at Lamborn, the Rev. HENRY MILLS. Vicar of Pillerton Hersey. Warwickshire. to MARY, third daughter of the late Rev. Henry Hippisley, of famborne Place. Berks.

On the 9th, at Chaddestlen. Loa's:leo Kreaastrarcx Flays, Esq., to Emma SELINA, sister of E. M. Monday, Esq., M.P., of Shipley Hall, Derby.


On the lot October. at Eve Leary Barracks. Demerara. MARY RAWSON, Wife of Lieutenant Colonel Bush. K.IL. commanding the First West India Regiment.

On the 11th, at Coimbatore, Seeoud Lieutenant R. F. G. FAST, of the Madras Engi- neers, second son of General J. \V. Fast. ofthe Bengal Army ; in his 26th year. On the 21st, at Rajkote, Captain CHARLES Geonae CALLAND, Fourteenth Regiment of Bombay Native Infantry, eldest son of the late Charles Cullaud, Esq., of Upper Forest, Glamorgan. On the 3d December, at her house at Brighton, the Hon. ANNE Lucr FORTESCUE, sister of the late Earl Fortescue; in her 71st year. On the 4th. at Skreens, the seat of her son-in-law T. W. Bramston, Esq., M.P., the Lady LOUISA HARVEY. Relict of the late Admiral Sir Eliab Harvey ; In her 84th year. On the 4th. at St. Ann's Hill, near Liverpool, Guzzler HENDERSON, Esq.; in his 85th year. On the 4th, at his residence, Russell Place, Fitzroy Square, Davin DANIEL DAVIS, M.D.; in hisgith year, On the 6th, Mrs. ELIZABETH Sumo, of Bedford Row, Widow of the late Harry Smith, Esq.; in her 91st year. OR the 6th, at Ballymacrook. Wexford, two sisters, ANASTATIA and MARY FURLONG, the former 103 and the latter 105 years of age. They literally lived and died together, and their mortal remains now occupy the same resting-place.