11 DECEMBER 1841, Page 20


Tuesday, Dec. 7.


Johnson and Shaw, Bishopsgate Street Within. carpet-dealers—Davis and Adkins, Piccadilly. cigar-merchants—\\ hatley and Curtis, Clement's Court, Milk Street, Irish linen-factres—T. and P. Rigby, Liverpool, licensed.victuallers—P. and J. Cotterell. Darlaston. Staffordshire, patent cast-iron knife-makers—Pike and Moody. Great Drif- field. Yorkshire. carpenters—J. and J. Cortazzi. Loudon—Harris and Lovell, Clifton, Bristol, carpenters—M. J. and J. T. G. Vizetelly, Peterborough Court, Fleet Street, printers—J. and E. Taylor, Tuustall, Staffordshire, grocers—Robertson and Haddock, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, plasterers—Rose and Fox. Rivelin Wire Mills. Lancashire, wire-drawers—Younghusband and Jackson, Liverpool. colourmen—Fox and Hawkins. Birmingham, screw-manufacturers—Pace and Co. Hartlepool. Durham. merchants; as far as regards E. Mesoard—Armstrong and Hargreaves. Carlisle. girth-web-manufac- turers—logham and Westmaccet. Manchester, chemists—Wait and Co. Manchester, file-manufacturers; as far as regards J. Wait—Raffield and Co. Liverpool, shipwrights —Norris and Co. Manchester, woollen-manufacturers ; as fax as regards A. Norris.


Costs. JAMES. Victoria Ironworks. Monmouthshire, surgeon, Dec. 6. DENVER, JOHN, High Street, Southwark, tailor. Dec. 6.

Grueerrns. JOHN, Leicester Street. Regent Street, milliner, Dec. 7. wuzsox, Euuu, King Street, St. Giles's, stationer, Dec. 6.


ADAMS, Ionic Coaerrr, Basinghall Street. woollen-warehouseman, to surrender Dee. 22, Jan. 18: solicitor, Mr. Gale, Basiughall Street; official assignee, Mr. Johnson, Basinghall Street. BATE, Trromes, Compton, Staffordshire. farmer. Dec. 13, Jan. 18: solicitors, Messrs. Swain and Co. Frederick's Place; and Messrs. Roberts and Co. Stourbridge. BROOK, JOITN and THOMAS. Stourbridge, drapers. Dec. 16. Jan. 18: solicit -rs, Messrs. Reid and Shaw, Friday Street ; official assignee, Mr. Belcher. King's Arms Yard. CARTER, PAritics Waitress and JACKSON, JAMES, Brewer Street, Golden Square, woollendrapers, Dec. 21: solicitors. Mears. Fox and Co. Basinghall Street; official assignee. Mr. Groom. Basiughall Street. DUNN, Wrissam, Southampton. merchant, Dec. 17, Jan. 18: solicitors, Messrs. Jones and Co. John Street. Bedford Row.

GRAHAM, Jeux, Hackney Road, grocer. Dec. 16. Jan. 18: solicitors. Messrs. Hill and Matthews, St. Mary Axe; official assignee, Mr. Gibson. Basinghall Street. HAMMES, Gum, York, linendraper, Dec. 18: solicitors, Messrs. Rusliworth, Staple Inn; and Mr. Smith, York. HAsittor, Groans, Ormskirk, Lancashire. brewer. Dec. 20, Jan. 18: solicitors, Messrs. Jaques and Co. Ely Place; and Mr. Welsby, Ormskirk. HOPKINS, James, and Dazwirr. JOHN, Arundel, bankers, Dec. 22, Jan. 18: solicitors, Messrs. Blackmore and Senior, New Fun.

HUGHES, DAVID, Welshpool, lime-burner, Dec. 17, Jan. 18 : solicitors, Messrs. Milne and Co. Temple ; and Mr. Yearsley, Welshpool. Iltrarr, HENRY CAREW, Old Broad Street, merchant, Dec. 16, Jan. 18 : solicitors, Messrs. Heathcote and Holman. Coleman Street ; official assignee, Mr. Whitmore, Basingball Street. JAQUES. ROBERT, and Wasolf, RICHARD. Leeds, flax-spinners. Dec. 16, Jan. 18: soli- citor. Mr. Wilsou, Southamptou Street, Bloomsbury ; and Messrs. Payne and Co. Leeds.

JOHNSON. Josh. Nantwich, druggist. Dec. 21, Jan. 18: solicitors. Mr. Hilditch, Guildford Street. Russell Square; and Mr. M' Clnre, Nantwich.

PROSSER. SAMUEL. Portsea. merchant, Dec. 24, Jan. 18: solicitors, Mr. Low, Staple Ion; and Mr. Low, Portsea.

Rose, Jolts. Monk Wearniouth Shore, grocer, Dec. 14. Jan. 18: solicitors, Messrs. Swain and Co. Old Jewry; and Messrs. Wright, Durham.

Rums. JOHN. and JACKSON, JOHN. St. Paul's Churchyard, commission-agents, Dec. 16, Jan. 18: solicitors. Mr. Wormald, Macclesfield ; and Messrs. Williamson and Hill, Gray's Inn; official assignee, Mr. Whitmore, Basingball Street.

Sirmsea. Rosner, Bermondsey. stone-merchant, Dec. 21, Jan. 18: solicitor, Mr. Flews, Bucklersbury; official assignee, Mr. Edwards, Old Jewry.

WALLACE, WILLIAM, and BYERS, ROBERT. Blackburn, cloth-manufacturers, Dec. 21, Jan. 18: solicitors, Messrs. Clarke and Medcalf, Liucoln's Inn Fields; and Messrs.

Ainsworth and Son, Blackburn. DIVIDENDS.

Dec. 31, Hayward and Moore. Paternoster Row, booksellers—Dec. 30, Bird, Fare- ham. liamphire, builder—Dec. 28, Scouswar and Co. Perritty, Kingston-upon.Hull, merchants—Dec. 30, Bowden. Topsham. Devonshire, shipwright—Dee. 20, Dauncey, Baltonsborough, Surnersetshire, cattle-dealer—Dec. 28, Newton. Mortlock, Somer. setshire, builder—Dec. 29, Tayler, Carmarthen. grocer—Dec. 29, Derham and Co. Leeds, worsted-spinners—Dec. 29, Dartnall. Cheltenham, cabinet-maker—Dec. 29, Thomas. Cheltenham. plumber—Dec. 30, Hale. Bath, scrivener—Dec. 31, Bennett and Fish. Fleetwood, joiners—Dec. 31, Derham and Co. Leeds. worsted-spinners —Dec. 29, Rudston. Kingston-upon-Hull, woollen-draper—Jan. 4, Brown and Popple- ton, Leeds, flax-spinners—Jan. 19, Edwards, Anglesey, iroufounder—Dec. 29. Wil- cock and Co. Bird's Royd, Yorkshire, worsted-spinners—Dec. 30, Lawton, Rumworth, Lancashire, ironfounder—Dec. 29. Shelley, Dutton, Staffordshire, flint-grinder—Jau. 21, Greenaway, Bristol, painter—Dec. 29, Marsden, Newcastle Emlyn, Carmarthen— Dec. 31, Smith and Co. Manchester, Scotch and Manchester warehousemen.


Tube granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or befbre Dee. 28. Watford, Hough. Cheshire, grocer—Browne, Lowestoft, cooper—Pierce, Bedford,

tailor—Parker, Masbrough and Ickles Mills, Yorkshire, seed-crusher—Chapman junior, Frome Selwood, Somersetshire, clothier—Hutchinson. Droufield, Derbyshire, wine-merchant—Busbridge, Upper North Place, Gray's Inn Road, livery-atablekeeper.


AITKEN. ALEXANDER. Dunfermline, manufacturer, Dec. 11, 31.

BALFOUR. THOMAS, Edinburgh, flax-merchant, Dec. 13. Jan.3. DUNCAN, JAMES Leads. Glasgow, card-maker. Dec. 11, 31. Formate, THOMAS, Langloan. near Airdrie. baker, Dec. 11, Jan. 3.

GARDNER, THOMAS, Port Glasgow, merchant, Dec. 10, Jan. 7.

INGLIS. CHARLES, Glasgow, merchant. Dec.13. Jan. 4.

LOVELL, THOMAS, Dundee, saddler, Dec. 10, Jan. 7.

Ouraam, JOSEPH, Glasgow. merchant. Dec. 13, Jan. 3. STEWART, WILLIAM, KITIRIdy, Dec. 16, Jan. 6.

Friday, Dec. 10.


Moore and Seal. Milk Street. Cheapside, silk-manufacturers—J. and C. Brine, South Row, St. Pancras, marble-merchants—Clifton and Davies, Great Yarmouth, coal-merchants—G. and J. Canis. Padiham, Lancashire, grocers--Farfitt and Brien, Bristol. pawnbrokers—Seller and Co. spirit-merchants—G. and T. Withers. Bristol, hatters—R. and T. Ogden, Manchester, cotton-spinners—Wade and Co. Liverpool. cotton-dealers ; as far as regards F. Wade—G. and F. B. Gill. Nottingham, com- mission-agents—Fowler and Davies, Bolton-le-Moors, timber-merchants—W. and J. Steroid, Petworth, Sussex bankers—Meares and Co. Darwen, Lancashire, scourers— Land and Beasly. Exeter. surgeons—Floyd and Savage, Foley. Staffordshire Potteries,

china-manufacturers. INSOLVENTS.

DAVIS, WILLIAM. Strand. tailor, Dec. 10. • Moos, HENRY ROSTER, Brewer Street, Golden Square, carpenter, Dec. 10.


WATSON, Joan Tomes, Worcester, linendraper, Dec. 10.


ANDERSON, Joan. Liverpool, oil-merchant, to surrender Dec. 18, Jan. 21 : solicitors, Messrs. Lowudes and Co. Liverpool ; and Messrs. Sharp and Co. Bedford Row. AxmAser. PAUL. and CHRIST, JOHN GEORGE, Mark Lane, merchants, Dec. 24, Jan.

21 : solicitors, Messrs. Lovell and Great Ryder Street; official assignee, Mr. Graham, Basinghall Street.

Buoisas, Deem, Sunderland, victualler, Dec. 24, Jan. 21: solicitors, Messrs. Bell and Co. Bow Churchyard; and Mr.Wilson, Sunderland.

CHARLTON, THOMAS, and THOMPSON. EDWARD. South Shields, wine dealers, Jan. 7, 21 : solicitors, Messrs. Treberu and White. Leadenhall St.; Mr. Dale, North Shields.

HADLAND, JOSEPH. Castle Dykes, Northamptonshire, farmer, Dec. 21, Jan. 21: soli- citors, Messrs. Capes and Stuart, Gray's Inn; and Mr. Roche, Daventry. HUDSON, GEORGE, Isle of Thauet, victualler, Dec. 27, Jan. 21: solicitor, Mr. Chap- lin, Gray's Inn.

Larne/um, Areromo, Great St. Helen's, merchant, Dec. 23, Jan. 21: solicitor, Ms. Phillips, Lombard Street ; official assignee, Mr. Green, Aldermanbury.

MArreews, DANIEL, and GARDNER, Arrrnom. Cheltenham. grocers, Dec. 27, Tau. 21 : solicitors, Blower and Vizard, Lincoln's Inn Fields; Preen and Co. Chelteuham. 10, 21 solicitors, Messrs. Whiteford and MONTEITH, JAMES, Totnes. mercer, Jan. Bennett, Plymouth ; and Messrs. Sole, Aldermaubury. Memos. Thomas senior, Hillingdon. Middlesex. builder, Dec. 22, Jan. 21: soli- citors, Messrs. Poole and Gamlen, Gray's Inn ; official assignee, Mr. Lackington, Cole- man Street Buildings. OLDHAM, WILLIAM EDWIN, Manchester, commission-agent, Dec. 23. Jau. 21: soli- citors, Messrs. Johnson and Co. Temple; Messrs Bagshaw and Stevenson, Manchester.

PARTRIDGE, SARAH. Birmingham, victualler, Dec. 17 Jan. 21 : solicitors, Mr. Bower, Manchester ; and Messrs. Austen and Hobson, Gray's Inu.

PowELL. Roamer, Brighton. linendraper, Dec. 20. Jan. 21 : solicitors, Messrs. Sole, Aldermanbury. f1-slums, Joins, and Pasty. JAMES, Manchester, manufacturers of mousseline de laines, Dec. 24, Jan. 21; solicitors, Messrs. Baxter, Lincoln's Ion Fields; and Messrs. Sale and Worthington, Manchester. RENDELL. ROBERT, Newton Abbott, draper, Dec. 20, Jan. 21 : solicitor, Mr. Parker, St. Paul's Churchyard; official assignee, Mr. Turquand, Copthall Buildings.

RICHARDSON, Ramses, New Road, con-keeper, Dec. 24, Jan. 21: solicitor, Mr. Gals- worthy, Ely Place ; official assignee, Mr. Johnson, Basingball Street.

Seurivess, Tiromes, Northampton, draper, Dec. 20, Jan. 21 : solicitors, Messrs. Turner and Hensman, Basing Lane; and Mr. Heusman, Northampton. SeerrrAan, JAMES, and Co. Manchester, cotton-mauufacturers, Dec. 24, Jan. 21 : so- licitors, Messrs. Abbott and Arney, Charlotte Street, Bedford Square ; and Metiers. Bennett, Manchester. TAYLOR. JOSIAH, Liverpool, oil-dealer, Dec. 18, Jan. 21: solicitors, Messrs. Norris and Co. Bartlett's Buildings; and Mr. Norris, Liverpool. WARD, THOMAS, Nottingham, victualler, Dec. 24, Jan. 21: solicitors, Mr. Yalloll. Furnival's Inn ; and Messrs. Parsons, Nottingham. Wassems, Pyres, and MarreAm. CHARLES, Wood Street, Manchester-warehousemen, Jan. 4: solicitors, Messrs. Hardwick and Davidson, Cateaton Street ; official assignee, Mr. Lackiugton, Coleman Street Buildings.


Jan. 14, Gooddy and M'Kee, Kingston-upon-Hull, millets—Jan. 6, J. and W. H. Hamilton, Manchester, calico-printers.


To be granted. unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before Dec. 31. Robinson, North Shields, brewer—J. and W. Lloyd, Atberstone, builders—Todd, Wood Street, warehouseman—Harris junior, Lombard Street, bill-broker.


ANNAN, WILLIAM, Dunfermline, ironmonger, Dec. 15. Jan. 12.

DI7NCAN. GEORGE and Co. Glasgow, engineers, Dec. 16, Jan. 6. Meerut, WILLIAM, Glasgow, manufacturer, Dec. 13, Jan. 4.

MITCHELL, JAMES, Laurieston. Stirlingshire, grain-dealer. Dec. 13, Jan. 3. WINK, ions, Springfield, Elginshire. farmer, Dec. 15, Jan. 5.