11 NOVEMBER 1899, Page 15

[TO TEE EDITos or THE "SPECTATOR."] SIR,—I think the most

remarkable instance I know of this faculty was that exhibited by a fox-terrier which accom- panied me to the door of the Parliament House, Edinburgh. I left him outside in the street as I wished to see the Keeper of the Advocates' Library. Judge my surprise when, whilst

I was conversing with the keeper in his private room, I heard a scratching at the door, and on opening it in walked my fox-terrier! He had successfully traced me through the following obstacles :—(1) A swing-door entering from Parlia- ment Square, and a vestibule; (2) a swing-door entering the Hall of the Parliament House; (3) a swing-door at the top of the Advocates' Library stairs; (4) the descent of the stairs and discovery of the Keeper's private room. The dog had crossed the Hall of the Parliament House, which was then crowded with counsel and agents, and had tracked me down the library steps in a surprisingly short space of time.

Gattonside Rouse, Melrose, N.B., October 2nd.