11 NOVEMBER 1899, Page 23

A Spliced Yarn. By George Clippies. (Gibbings and Co. 5s.)

—This volume contains seven papers contributed to magazines by the author of "The Green Hand." Mr. Cupples was holm) unius /ibri, and it is an unexpected treat to get something before unknown from his pen. The first paper, "What Sent Me to Sea," is admirable. We know of nothing better in its way than the picture of Uncle Benjamin, the old sailor turned lands- man. The second, "Convoying H.M.S. Brutus,' " is tedious, and stands sadly in need of correction, though there are striking passages in it, especially when the cannon of the derelict ship, which has taken fire, discharge their shot at her consorts. "Going up the Hooghly " is a graphic description of a youngster's first experience of the East, and there is a vigorous picture of San Francisco and its Vigilance Committee about fifty years ago in "Keeping the Cornucopia."