12 AUGUST 1854, Page 20


Tuesday, August 8. PARTNERSHIPS Dissotvan.-Heal and Edmonds, Paulton, Somerselshire, drapers -Warder and Sannemann, Cheyne Walk, surgeons-Ridsdale and Myers. Lc," stock-brokers-Pugh and Co. Liverpool, general monming-drapers-Barucbson and Co. Liverpool, merchants-Tomlinson and Muschamp, Ironmonger Lane, in .dif rubber-manufacturers-F. and E. Bins,- Sunderland, grocerallyslop and Smu", Rotherhatii, iron-merchants-J. H. and J. Gartsidej un. D ukitifield, Cheshire, Never, -G. and E. Knight, Newbury, corn-dealers-Drury and Guihnette, Lincoln, tobac- conists-Browne and Parsons, Lower Tooting, brewers-Bowdler and Co. Shrews- bury-Evans and Co. Manchester, wire-workers; as far as regards J. W.


Carr and Nicholson, Leeds, cudbear-manufacturers-Pain and Passmore, BM.cs' ironmongers-W. and G. H. Love -Naish and Slade, Newport, Monmouthshire. carriers-Ratchford and Co. Liverpool, ship-brokers-Welton and Merchant, con- tractors for public works in Belgium. BANICRUPTIL-WILLIAR ROBERT NIELD and WILLIAM HENRY 11UOH COLLAI004 Cannon Street West, shawl-warehousemen, to surrender Aug. 21, Sept. 25: solicitor, Reed, Elgin Chambers, Ironmonger Lane ; official assignee, Lee, Moorgsm Street-Crimmes WILLIAM Noumea', Shoreditch, tailors'-trimming-seller, Sept. 19: solicitor, Reed, Elgin Chambers; official assignee, Lee, fdoorgate S HENRY TURTLE, Mount Etna Place, Mile End Road, cheesemonger, Aug. 19. 19 : solicitors, Ashhurts and Co. Old Jewry ; official assignee, Lee, Moorgate SU.", -HENRY TAYLOR, Newbury, grocer, Aug. 14, Sept. 21 : solicitors, Graham Lyde, Mitre Court Chambers ; official assignee, Bell, Coleman Street Buildings- JAMES BISHOP, Southampton, boot-maker, Aug. 18, Sept. 22: solicitors, Sole and.0O3. Aldermanbury ; Miller and Son, Norwich ; official assignee, Whitmore, &nine"' Street-Hz:tar COPPINORS, klawkhurst, Kent, tailor, Aug. 17, Sept. 22: solicitors, Aug 19' Street bomson and Son, George Street, Minories ; official assignee, Cannan, Alderman- ry EDWAM) DAMES, Harrow Road, oilman, Aug. 17, Sept. 22: solicitor, Carpen- bur, -Elm Court Temple; official assignee, Carman, Aldermanbury-THOMAS JOHN lea,,,ocsiv, Salisbury, rope-manufacturer, Aug. 18, Sept. 22: solicitor, Wyatt, Gray's Inn ; official assignee. Cannan, Aldermanbury-Tmomes KIMPTON, Liverpool, Ang. 17, Sept. 14: solicitors, Fenwick and Aspinall, Liverpool ; official as- -.-,vies, Bird, Liverpool-WILLIAM ARMSTRONG and WILLIAM OLDROYD HARKEY, ffiirewsburY. tailors. Aug. 18, Sept. 14: solicitors, Losdale and Peele, Shrewsbury; Metter= and Knight, Birmingham; official assignee, Christie, Birmingham- GEMIOR HENRY FowiDRINIER, Stoke-upon-Trent, paper-manufacturer, Aug. 18, Sept 14: solicitors, Kerry and Sheppard, Stoke-upon-Trent; Wright, Birmingham; official assignee, Christie, Birmingham-Titoism' BELSHAM Herron, Birmingham, wine-merchant, Aug 18, Sept. 14: solicitor, Greves, Birmingham ,• official assignee, Bittleston, Birmingham-WILLIAM HOOPER, Bristol, cabinet-maker, Aug. 21, Sept. 19: solicitors, Bevan and Girling, Bristol; official assignee, Hutton, Bristol- GEORGE EDWARDS, Newport, Monmouthshire, grocer, Aug. 21, Sept. 19: solicitors, Carslake, Bridgewater ; Castle and Co. Bristol; officia). assignee, Acraman, Bristol- STUMM; TRUMAN, Chipping Sodbury, Gloucestershire, corn-dealer, Aug. 19, Sept. 19: solicitor, Tren6eld, Chipping Sodbury; official assignee, Miller, Bristol-GEonon HLYOESION, Lyme Regis, money-scrivener, Aug. 16, Sept.-14 : solicitor, Stogdon, Exeter; official assignee, Hirtzel, Exeter-JOHN SIIODEN and GEORGE WEBSTER, Bradford, Yorkshire, woolstaplers, Aug. 22, Sept. 18: solicitors, Lees, Bradford ; Bond and Barwick, Leeds ; official assignee,,Hope, Leeds-GEORGE JEEvES, Sheffield, brush-manufacturer, Aug. 19, Sept. 23 solicitors, Smith and Son, Sheffield ; official assignee, Brewin, Sheffield. Dryinassaks.-Aug 31, Winder, Little Mays Buildings, Bedfordbury, tobacconist. Czaviricents.-To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting.-Aug. 31, Laycock, Brighton, perfumer-Aug. 30, Shallis, Salmon's Lane, Limehouse, grocer-Aug. 30, Ford, Lowndes Street, Belgmve Square, surgeon-Aug. 29, Lakin, Crawford Street, St. Marylebone, linen-draper-Aug. 30, Barclay, Liver- pool, commission-agent-Sept. 6, Hadfield, Dukinfield, Cheshire, grocer-Sept. 28, Baldwin, Ironbridge, Salop, druggist. DECIARATIONS OF Divnuirms.-Powell, Romsey, Hants, upholsterer; second div. of It.4jd. on Thursday next ; Stansfeld, Basinghall Street- Dunthom, Broadwall, Blackfnars Road, corn-dealer ; final div. of 4s. on Thursday next; Stansfeld, Ba- singhall Street-Ashton and Spriggs, Aldermanbury, warehousemen; third die. of 101d. on Wednesday next, and following Wednesday; Edwards, Sambrook Court- Ashton, Aldermanbury, warehouseman ; final div. of 20s. on the separate estate, on Wednesday next, and the following Wednesday; Edwards, Sambrook Court-Burn, Sackville Street, tailor ; first div. of 4s. ld. any Wednesday, except between Aug. 17 and Nor. 1 next; Whitmore, Basinghall Street -Colk, North Walsham, Norfolk, wine-merchant; second div. of 2s. Id. any Wednesday, except between Aug. 17 and Nov.1 next ; Whitmore, Basinghall Street-Bramer, Sheffield, wood-dealer; first div. of 3s. 6d. on Friday next, or any Saturday after Oct. 7; Brewin, Sheffield-Bur- gin, Sheffield, tailor ; first div. of 7s. on Friday next, or any Saturday after Oct. 7 ; Brewin, Sheffield-Prockter; div. of 20s. and to those who have already received 12s. 6d. a final div. of 7s. 6d. on the separate estate, on Tuesday next and Oct. 10, or any subsequent Tuesday ; Fraser, Manchester-Prockter and Co. Rochdale, cot- ton-spinners ; further div. of 81d. on Tuesday next and Oct. 16, or any subsequent Tuesday; Fraser, Manchester. sperm SEnuasmayous- Dickson, Glasgow, merchant, Aug. 16-Purvis, Miln- gash, Stirlingshire, contractor, Aug. 21-Couper, Old Monkland, Lanarkshire, grocer, Aug. 18-Cameron, Glasgow, wright, Aug. 18-Squair, Cantray Mills, by Ardesier, miller, Aug. 18.

Friday, August 11. PARTNERSHIPS BISSOLTIal.-Parker and Twining, Pall. Mall, ale-merchants- Piton and Co. Fatfield, Durham, coke-inanufactprers-Candolfini and Co. Stamford Street, Blackfriars, hat-manufacturers-M. A. and E. A. Gorman, Warnford Court, Throgmorton Street, stock-brokers-De Pass and Musks, King's Lynn, boot-mak- ers-Dackombe and Howes, Clapham, omnibus-proprietors-Richardson and Co. Rochdale, bleachers-Wilson and Co. Bradford, Yorkshire, stuff-merchants-Port- sine and Griffiths, Birmingham. soda-water-manufacturers-H. and H. Blackmore, Fuggleston St. Peter, Wiltshire, carpet-manufacturers-Jones and Perkes, Worces- ter, musicsellers-Nichols and Co. Manchester, warehousemen-Davies and Evans, Newpo:t, Monmouthshire, linen-drapers-Calvert and Co. Leeds, dyers ; as far as regards J. C. Hayes -Briggs and Shuttleworth, Clitheroe, coal-agents-Swan and Sweeting, Liverpool, estate-agents- Stancliffe and Son, Huddersfield, tea-dealers- Evenill and Fielder, Croydon, cab-masters-Walker and Snowball, Stourbridge, Gateshead, Ere-brick-manufacturers. Retuteerre.-Geoeoz TAPLINO, Wood Street, carpet-warehouseman, to surrender Aug. 23, Oct. 2: solicitor, Chidley, Gresham Street; official assignee, Pennell, Basinghall Street-Haney Baxima-r, Christchurch, Hants, linen-draper, Aug. 21, Sept.19 : solicitors, Ashursta and Co. Old Jewry ; official assignee, Edwards, Sam- brook Court-JOHN STURGI1S, Maidstone, baker, Aug. 22, Sept. 25: solicitor, Hughes, St. Swithin's Lane; official assignee, Lee, Moorgate Street-JAMES ABRAHAM SMITH, Queen Street, Hammersmith, lighterman, Aug. 28, Sept. 25: solicitor, Chidley, Gresham Street; official assignee, Edwards, Sambrook Court-Altman Sotomosr, Lambeth Walk, china-dealer, Aug. 24, Sept. 22: solicitor, Sydney, Jewry Street, official assignee, Whitmore, Basinghall Street-FREDERIC HAWSE KING, New Shore- ham, carpenter, Aug. 18, Sept. 22: solicitor, Cutler, Bell Yard, Doctors' Commons ; official assignee, Cannan, Aldermanbury-Thomas Enamel= GOODGER, Bromley-, Rent, coach-proprietor, Aug. 25, Sept. 23 : solicitor, Sandgrove, Mark Lane ; official assignee, Whitmore, Basinghall Street-WILLIAM TORKR. Cheshunt, builder, Sept. 2, 23: solicitors, Smith and Son, Bamard's Inn, Holborn ; official assignee, Can- aan, Aldermanbury-EDWARD SrarLEs jun. Soham, Cambridgeshire, miller, Aug. 25, Sept, 21: solicitor, Wilkin, Furnival's Inn; official assignee, Canaan, Aldermanbury7 TRORAS BELSRAII Hurrox, Birmingham, wine-merchant, Aug. 18, Sept. 28: solici- tors, Greece and Hodgson, Birmingham; official assignee, Bittleston, Birmingham. -Joss FP00$8, Sherborne, brewer, Aug. 22, Sept. 28: solicitors, Melmoth, Sherburne ; Stogdon, Exeter; official assignee, Hirtzel, Exeter-Tuoluts Matton and SAMUEL EASON, Liverpool, merchants, Aug. 23, Sept. 18 : solicitors, Haigh, Li- verpool; Sale and Shipman, Manchester ; official assignee, Cazenove, Liverpool- liesior NATHAN, Liverpool, watch-manufacturer, Aug. 23, Sept. 18: solicitor, Roby, Liverpool; official assignee, Morgan, Liverpool-James WILD, Hurst, Ashton-un- der-Lyne, cotton-spinner, Aug. 22, Sept. 19: solicitors, Ascroft, Oldham ; Cobbett and Wheeler, Manchester; official assignee, Hernaman„ Manchester-Jamas Wo- °MOM, Manchester, eating-housekeeper, Aug. 25, Sept. 15: solicitor, De Lam, Man- chester; official assignee, Hernaman, Manchester-Gamma LOWRY, Salford, flax- seiner, Aug. 22, Sept. 19: solicitors, Sale and Co. Manchester ; official assignee, Fraser, Manchester-WILLIAM GELDAST, North Shields, shipowner, Aug. 15, Sept. 27. solicitors, Hoyle, Newcastle-upon-Tyne ; Cressby, and Hill and Matthews. London; official assignee, Wakley, Newcastle-upon-Tyne-Semi= G.Artuarr, Bed- minster, coal-pit proprietor, Aug. 22, Sept. 28: solicitors, Smith and Roberts, Truro ; Stogdon, Exeter • official assignee, Hirtzel, Exeter.

DIYMBND.-001. 5, Featon, Three Colt Street, Limehouse, draper.

exatimeAres.-To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the-day of medise.-Sept. 4, West, Fleet Street, bookseller-Sept. 16, Stringer, Hadfield, Ux- bridge, draper-Sept. 16, Philp and Appleford, Fleet Street, booksellers-Oct. 4, I,.,.ameron and Boyle, St. Helen's Place, Bishopsgate Street, merchants-Sept. 16, ;...oPer, Launceston, draper-Oct. 4, Watson, Upper Holloway, builder-Sept. 5, lutson, Fenchurch Street, saddler-Oct. 4, Paxon, Bloomsbury Square, scrivener- Sept. 16, Chidwick, Dover, tobacconist-Sept. 18, Allen, Courthope Terrace, Ber- mondsey New Road, grocer-Sept. 12, Langride, Bristol, cook. DECLARATIONS OF DIVIDENDS.-Quick, Bristol, silversmith ; first div. of 21. 6d. any Wednesday, except between the 17th August and 1st November next; Whit- more, Basinghall Street-Green, Stoke-by-Nayland, baker; first div. of Se. Sid. any Wednesday, except between the 17th August and 1st November next; Whitmore, 1;111104 Street-Riley. South Street, Finsbury, boarding-housekeeper; first div. of WIN. any Wednesday, except between the 17th August and 1st November next; !Inatome, Basinghall Street-Roberts, Coal Harbour, Blackwali, wood-merchant ; frst dir. of 2d. any Wednesday, except between the 17th August and 1st November !at: Whitmore, Basinghall Street-Fuller, Flixton, Lancashire, logwood-grinder; 1at die. of Hid. Tuesday next or 10th of, October, or any subsequent Tuesday ; dManchester-Norbury and Bindloss, Manchester, silk-manufacturers; first 111._°.! 21.4d. Tuesday next or 10th October, or any subsequent Tuesday ; Fraser. .chester-Taylor, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, merchant; final div. of 2s. cid. Monday .n

Tuesday next or any Saturday after 7th Oct. ; Wakley, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

after Durham, miller; first div. of 41d. any day before Aug. 16, or any Saturday lat October; Baker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne-Hutchinson, Monkwearmouth 1„,„,"!, ship-builders ; second div. of Is. 4d. Monday and Tuesday next, or any Sa- turday after 7th October; Wakley, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

h,72, Satinasrmericoss.-Farquharson and Mason, Edinburgh, brass-founders, 22. ltehl, Leven, Fifeshire, bookseller, Aug. 28 -Galloway, Glasgow, baker,