13 DECEMBER 1940, Page 11

How Many Miles to Mylor ?

How many miles to Mylor By frost and candle-light : How long before I arrive there, This dark December night?

As I mounted the hill to Mylor Through the thick woods of Carclew, A clock struck the three-quarters, And ruddenly a cock crew.

At the cross-roads on the hill-top The snow lay on the ground, In the quick air and the stillness, No movement and no sound.

"How is it?" said a voice from the bushes Beneath the rowan-tree; "Who is it?" my mouth re-echoed, My heart went out of me.

I cannot tell what queerness There lay around Carclew : Nor whatever stirred in the hedges When an owl replied " Who-whoo? "

A lamp in a lone cottage, A face in a window-frame, Above the snow a wicket : A house without a name.

How many miles to Mylor This dark December night : And shall I ever arrive there

By frost or candle-light? A. L. Rows!.