13 DECEMBER 1940, Page 13


Snt,—I note the Editor of The Spectator says, with regard to our campaign in the Middle East, that "it is to be hoped that everything possible is being done to encourage revolt in Ethiopia now that the rains are over." Surely the obvious step here is to recognise Ethiopia as an Ally, and this we have never done.

It is true that Lord Halifax has stated that "His Majesty's Govern- ment are anxious to see Ethiopia liberate itself from Italian aggression," but His Majesty's Government recognised the King of Italy as Emperor and have since done nothing to denounce that recognition. It is not enough that we have allowed the Emperor Haile Selassie to return to Africa if we do not show that a revolt in Abyssinia to replace him on his throne has the firm backing and official blessings of this country. There is no doubt that the assistance the Albanians are giving to the Greeks is largely due to the fact that Greece stated early in the campaign that she was fighting to free Albania. A similar declaration from us on behalf of the Abyssinians would convince them that they have everything to gain and nothing to lose by throwing in their lot with ours. Furthermore, it would have an immense moral effect upon all the native populations of the British Empire, who could be of incalculable value as Allies in our struggle for a secure peace. "The time to do justice is now."—Yours

very truly, ENID ATICINSON. ao6 Osborne Road, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 2.