13 DECEMBER 1940, Page 14


Sm,—I cannot find a single word of praise in the reference by " Janus " to Lord Craigavon—only its antithesis. Instead of saying! "He would fight to the death for partition and oppose. . . &c.," your contributor should have said, "He would fight to the death for the preservation of the heritage by birth which belonged to those over whom he ruled." Are you unable to distinguish between those who help you and those who do not? One would think that you wish .to have Ireland " united " and neutral rather than have part, at least, with you in the struggle. Have you forgotten that formerly you said "that every argument for Home Rule for Ireland applied with equal for for the separate treatment of Ulster "? It is, I suppose, too much to excect that an early issue will contain an appreciative reference to Lord Craigavon? Your orientation is t13°

well known. I hope, however, you will avoid future reference to a subject upon which you are so imperfectly informed.—Yours faithfully,