14 AUGUST 2004, Page 26

A greed-fuelled war

From Ruth Terme Sir: Anthony Browne in his scholarly alert against the fundamentalism of Islam and its ambition to conquer the world (The triumph of the East', 24 July) claims that Christianity in the past has shown the same motivation as Islam but in modern times has stopped conquering and converting. Indeed, but now we have the new religion of the so-called free world and market imperialism which is supported by big oil corporations, neoconservatives and neoChristians who try to conquer and colonise the Islamic world and its oil resources under the pretext of a war against terrorism, They are fired by greed and profit and the hoped-for apocalypse of the Second Coming in the Holy Land. They cannot tolerate non-subservient Islam and Muslims, and may well compare with the ruthlessness of any fundamentalist religion.

As a member of the Jewish faith, I am only too aware of the catastrophic outcome of a virulent defamation of a world faith, be it Judaism, Islam or Christianity.

Ruth Terme

London NW6