15 DECEMBER 1855, Page 1

The checkered fortune of the war in Asia has again

favoured the Russian arms: Ears has been conquered by famine, and the hope of finally maintaining a feeble post in the presence of a pow- erful enemy has at last been baffled. It is always vexations to sustain reverses; but the loss of Ears is not vital. It is evident, from the course which he has taken, that Omar Pasha did not contemplate the relief of Ears, although his movements might have effected a diversion. The gallantry of the defence not only retarded the enemy's progress, but its moral influence is valuable, as proving what Turkish soldiers can do under commanders like General Williams and the brave young English officers who as- sisted him. Perhaps, too, the issue has shown how little of effec- tive cooperation is to be expected from the Turkish Government.