15 DECEMBER 1855, Page 9

The overland mail arrived in London yesterday, with advices from

Calcutta to the 8th, and Bombay to the 15th November. Vigorous mea- sures had at length been taken to put down the Sontals. The cold weather having arrived, the troops could enter the jungles. Martial law was to be instantly proclaimed ; 6000 troops were to be added to the per- manent force stationed in Bengal ; General Lloyd, with one body, was marching down the grand trunk road, and:sweeping the Sontals South- wards. General Bird's force, stationed at and about Raueegunge, would intercept their flight, and the savages, thus surrounded, it was supposed, would submit or be exterminated. An act was to be passed condemning the Sontals to labour for ten years in constructing roads through their country, and bridging its rivers and creeks. With regard to the religious war in Oude, it was known at Bombay on the 12th, that Ameen All had collected an army of 3000 men, and was advancing upon Fyzabad to burn the Hindoo temple there ; and that the King's Government had promised to direct the Royal troops to prevent him from doing so. A telegraphic message from Meerut reached Bombay on the 14th, stating that "on the 9th the insurgents of Oude were defeated by the King's troops and their leader Ameen All killed." If this be correct, the danger for the present is over. The Governor-General had issued a proclamation, announcing the fall of Sebastopol ; giving a brief account of the losses of Russia during the war, and appointing Sunday the 2d December as a day of thanksgiving fear our successes, to bo observed throughout the Indian empire.