15 MARCH 1873, Page 2

A correspondent of the Times, who writes from Zanzibar, and

is obviously well informed, states that the Sultan has _finally refused to sign a Treaty binding him to suppress the slave,,trade. He alleges that slavery is permitted by liep Koran, which is trne, though. with some severe limitations—for example, the slave- must not be a. Mussulman—and; that the system is indis- pensable to the prosperity of his dominion. Sir. Bartle Frore will now, therefore, be compelled to adopt some- method of coercion, and it is a little• difficult to perceive the means he can employ short of a severe bloekade.. That would succeed, of course, but wouldbe a most expensive process. Sir Bartle, however, knows the East well, there is a perfect armoury of treaty clauses at his disposal, and we are not quite sure that pressure of a very decided kind cannot be employed. through. Muscat. These Arab Sultans do not desire to quarrel with the- Power which overthrew King Theodore:se readily,- andowhich in the long run is always called upon to settle their successions and- territorial disputes. For the present, however, the rebuff, will do our prestige no good-in any prarter of Asia.