15 MARCH 1873, Page 2

The German Emperor opened his Parliament on Wednesday in a

speech, the most important portion of which was a.recogpsi- tion that the internal condition of France had been pacifically developed, that the sums due for the indemnity had been antici- pated, and that there was hope of a complete and- finer evacuation of French territory. These words have excited great. hopes in Paris, where it is believed that the whole of 'the remain- ing sums still due, £60,000,000, will be paid' off or guaranteedby August, and the territory finally delieered, from the presence of foreign troops. It is believed to be a knowledge of'. this fact • which enabled M. Thiess to win his-victory over the Thirty, and induces the Right to revert so warmly to the Pact of.Bordeaux. They think the real contest will commence. when the territory is clear, a supposition without much reason, as Paris hardly watches the occupied provinces.