15 MARCH 1873, Page 2

The last night of the debate was memorable chiefly for

the closing speeches of the leaders, but earlier in the evening Mn Myles O'Reilly had made a very effective attack on the Queen's University, declaring that Mr. Heron, one of the Galway lee- turers on law, having asked of the porter, on arriving by train from Dublin, " Is my class ready," was answered, No, your honour, he's gone home sick," and asserted thatthere were always almost as many, and sometimes more, scholarships than students at Galway, and that at Galway the study of German was nil, and of French little better ; that in one year at the degree exa- mination the very highest honour student got only three-fifths of the maximum marks, and the lowest honour man not quite one-seventh (indeed, little over one-eighth), though in the London University, for instance, the lowest honour man must receive a higher proportion of marks than the highest honour man got in this ease. A man might beeome a Queen's University he said, by passing only in English, French, and German, or in English and Chemistry ; in fact; Mr. O'Reilly's onslaught on the Queen's Colleges and University was exceedingly vigor- ous and, supposing his facts accurate, even deadly.