15 MAY 1852, Page 12


SATURDAY TWELVE o'Cuacx. There is no change in the prices of either the English or Foreign Funds ; neither has any business of importance occurred. The transactions in the Railway Share Market have been as yet unimportant, except in the Shares of the Oxford, Worcester, and Wolverhampton. We omitted to notice the loss of the new bill of this company, which was known yesterday afternoon ,• when the Shares fell about 31.,—namely, to 191. There i no material change in prices this morning. The Preference Shares are about par. SATURDAY Two o'Crocic.

The English Funds close at an advance of 1 per cent. Three-and-a- quarter per Cent Stock, still continues in demand, and has been done at 101. The only material variation in the Foreign Funds has been in Buenos Ayres Bonds, which have fluctuated considerably, having at one time been as high as 74, afterwards declining to 711, and closing nominally at 70 to 72. The following are the other bargains recorded ; Equador, 4.1; Grenada, 20; Ditto Deferred 91; Mexican Five per Cents, 311 1; Ditto Three per Cents, 2,5 41 254; Peruvian Deferred, 63; Sardinian, 904; Spanish Three per Cents, 474 461; Ditto Three per Cents Deferred, 204 1 ; Venezuela, 44 441 43: Dutch Two-and-a-half, 611; Ditto Four per Cents, 921; Oxford, Worcester, and Wolverhampton, have been the chief attraction in the Share Market ; and, after a fluctuation of about 11., the closing price is the same as yester- day. The following are the principal bargains recorded—Aberdeen, 131 4; Ambergate, Notts, and Boston, 71 4 ; Caledonian, 19/ 1 18419 181; East Anglian 181., E. and 11. 21; Eastern Union B and C, 44; Edinburgh and Glasgow, 32 301; Great /northern half A Stock, 201 1; Ditto half B Stock 61; Great Southern and Western, (Ireland,) 151; Great Western 921 4; Lancashire and Yorkshire, 721 1 4; Ditto Quarter-shares, 274; London and Blackwell, 84; London' Brighton, and South Coast, 104; Lon- don and North Western, 1231 1 1 1; Ditto New Quarter-shares, 274; London and South-western, 92/ 3 21; Ditto New, 50/., 381; Midland, 691 1 North British, 7/ 4 4; Oxford, Worcester, and Wolverhampton, 191 1 4 Isi 194; Scottish Central, 171 4; Birmingham, Wolverhampton, and Dudley, 294; Leeds and Bradford, 1031; Reading, Guildford, and Reigate, 224; Ca- ledonian, 101., 81 9; Eastern Counties Extension 5 per Cent No. 1, 11 prem. ; Ditto 5 per Cent, No. 2, 1 prern. • Oxford, Worcester, and Wolverhampton, 151., 6 per Cent, 121 13 124; East Indian, 221; Namur and Liege, 61 1 ; Northern of France, 23 24.; Paris and Strasbourg, 211 1; Rouen and Xavre, 111 4; Tours and Nantes, 114; London and Westminster, 291. 3 per Cent Consols 994 4 Dutch 21 per Cents

61 Ditto for Account 99 92

Ditto 4 per Cents 1 2 2

3 3 per Cent Reduced 984 Mexican 5 per Cents 1846... 31

si per Cents 1004 101 Peruvian 6 per Cents 10 4

Long Annuitimi 64 Portuguese 4 per Cents 1842. 37 8 Bank Stock 2191 201 Portuguese 5 per Cents 1824. 99 100 Exchequer Bills 70 74 pm. Russian 5 per Cents 115 17

India Stock 267 270 Ditto 44 per Cents 103 4

Brazilian 5 per Cents 98 100 Spanish Active 5 per Cents.. — Belgian 41 per Cents 94 6 Ditto 3 per Cents 1842 461 71 Chilian 6 per Cents 102 4 Ditto Deferred 3 per Cents 1851 20 Danish 5 per Cents 104 5 Sardinian Bonds 1 96 7 Ditto 3 per Cents 68 70


The English Fonds were heavy at the commencement of the week, but have since shown more vitality. The closing price of Consols this afternoon is 991 1 for Account ; being an advance of 1 upon that of last week. Part of the heaviness alluded to may be attributed to the occurrence of the settling- day on Tuesday last, when a considerable amount of Consols held on specula- tion had to be carried over to the next account. The demand for Three- and-a-quarter per Cent Stock continues, and the price of it has advanced proportionally -higher than that of Consols or Reduced Three per Cents. The difference between Three-and-a-quarter per Cents and Consols has increased within these few weeks from 1 to 11 per cent. Money continues abundant, and the rate of discount from 11 to 2 per cent. All the European Foreign Stocks are heavy, and the demand for them, which was lately so brisk, has slackened. The want of vitality in the money- market in Paris will account for this state of things; Paris being considered as the thermometer of European speculation: in addition to which, it may be remarked that meetings of Sovereigns are always regarded with suspicion by capitalists, as they generally tend to political embroilment. Most of the current Foreign Bonds are from 1 to 1 per cent below recent prices ; and though there are no indications of alarm, or any large amounts of Stock offered for sale markets are certainly not in a healthy state. Mexican Stock has experienced a serious decline. It appears that the report noticed in part of our last impression of the arrival of only 40,000 dollars on account of the dividend was erroneous, and that in fact 72,000 dollars had been received. The correct amount of the remittance was not known till the beginning of this week ; when the Stock, which had fallen about 2 per cent, recovered again' and closes today about 1 per cent below the price from which it fell on Saturday. Peruvian and the other South American Stocks are without animation' and the business transacted in them is unimportant. A decline of about 7 per cent occurred in Buenos Ayres Stock upon the arrival of the intelligence from the Rio de la Plata to 3d April, by which it appears that things were in great confusion in the Re- public, and that the free navigation of the Parana had been refused to Bra- zil. The price of the Stock, which was 77 to 79, fell immediately, and closes at 70 to 72.

The Share Market has been steady ; and though a considerable business occurred, the fluctuations have not been such as to require remark : its aspect is downward.- The French Shares are all from 108. to 1/. lower. A safe of about 1000 Shares of all descriptions on French account occurred on Tuesday ; and as the prices in Paris have since continued depressed, our market has shown no signs of improvement since.