15 NOVEMBER 1946, Page 5

Information continues to reach me about the London College of

Theology (University of North Madras), its precious Chancellor, " Bishop " J. C. Ryan, and the Edinburgh Theological Hall affiliated with it. Somewhere in the picture is the Western Orthodox Academy, which " rests upon a Charter granted on August rst, 1945, by His Beatitude Mar Georgius, Archbishop and Metropolitan of Glastonbury and Catholicos of the West." As for Mr. J. C. Ryan, an Indian in spite of his name, he was described by the Daily Herald in 1939 as " the bogus bishop," and I know of nothing that has happened since to call that characterisation in question. As for the London College of Theology, with its galaxy of " Professors " and D.D.s of unstated universities, and the rest of the bunch of plausible institutions, they all have one feature in common—they offer worthless " degrees " or diplomas in return for fees of varying magnitude. This is no doubt legitimate, or at any rate legal, and I am afraid there are enough fools about to swallow the bait.

• * *