16 MARCH 1878, Page 2

As the electors of Greenwich have already begun their arrangements

for the next election, Mr. Gladstone has given

them notice that though he has no intention of resigning his seat, so as to cause all the trouble of a bye-election, yet he feels that he cannot do justice to all the great local interests of Greenwich, and that he shall not stand' for Greenwich again at the next general election. It is well understood that Mr. Gladstone has at present no intention of retiring from Parliament, and since his letter appeared, the Liberals both of Leeds and of Manchester have virtually asked him to become their candidate. To both these great constituencies, however, the same objection as that -Which- leads Mr. Gladstone to quit Greenwich, would, in some measure, apply ; and it would be well if he could obtain a constituency that does not include a mayor and' corporation, who, ornamental as they are, are apt to fidget about their Member of Parliament, and would be always wishing to inveigle him into fussy banquets and local demonstrations.