16 MARCH 1991, Page 25

Pointing the finger

Sir: John Keegan criticises the television grandees CA plague on the BBC', 2 March) for the condescending and opinion- ated way in which they have 'strung us along' during the Gulf war. The mischief continues — and not only at the BBC. When the ceasefire was announced we learned that the allies, with minimal casualties, had defeated over 30 Iraqi divisions. The ground war had effectively lasted three days. Kuwait had been liber- ated and over 50,000 enemy prisoners of war had been taken.

And then, on LBC News, I actually heard Angela Rippon tell Paddy Ashdown, 'Now of course we are in the worst possible situation with Saddam Hussein still in power'. To his credit, Paddy Ashdown told her to stop wittering on. Perhaps it would be salutary if more interviewees adopted his approach.

Malcolm Knott

New Court Chambers, Temple, London EC4