18 DECEMBER 1909, Page 2

The debate was then suspended till Monday, when it was

at ance apparent that the majority in the Chamber had cooled down considerably on Sunday. After a discussion it was declared by a handsome majority that the Cabinet was within its rights in sanctioning any arrangement which did not impose a new financial liability upon the country. The Grand Vizier was apparently quite prepared for the successful issue of his policy of boldness ; directly the result of the division was known (the Times correspondent tells us) he produced from his pocket and read out a written expression of thanks. Constitutional government in Turkey is still too young for such a Ministerial crisis as this to be regarded, as it can be in France, as almost part of the day's work. We are extremely glad that the Government has survived, as it contains some of the best elements of the Committee of Union and Pro- gress; in other words, some of the best elements in Turkey.