18 FEBRUARY 1949, Page 5

I have heard a good deal about what is known

as the Government Hotel in Park Street, beside Park Lane, for the accommodation of distinguished visitors to this country. This week, thanks to a hospitable invitation from one of them, I have been able to see for myself how the Minister of Works has done his job. There is no doubt that he has done it very well. The block of flats which constitutes the hotel is quietly but effectively decorated, the general aim appears to be comfort rather than ostentatious luxury (though certainly nothing requisite in the way of luxury is lacking), the restaurant service is quiet, swift and efficient and the food up to the best standards in both quality and amount. The prices charged are considerably below those of the hotels where visitors of this

type (usually Government delegates) would normally stay, and the value received just as good. But there is no unfair competition worth worrying about, for the Government Hotel only accommodates some forty odd persons. The luxury hotels, which are always full anyhow, will not suffer. Altogether Mr. Key is much to be con- gratulated on his idea and its execution—even if the project in its initial stage costs the taxpayer a little.

* * *