18 JULY 1931, Page 14

In many regards the use of local timber for local

purposes is increasing. Mr. Benyon, in Berkshire, is doing what Sir George Courthope is doing in Surrey and Sussex. Witness the follow- ing notice affixed to a recent exhibit, " All these articles are made from home-grown timber by estate workmen for estate purposes." It was affixed behind a wheelbarrow made by an estate workman who is seventy-eight years old. The articles include such toys as carts and gates. One of the needs of Britain that is just becoming apparent to landowners is a multi- plication of local saw mills and the manufacture of the wood into articles of local use on the spot. Experts in the regenera- tion and me of woods, such as Mr. J. S. Corbett, are gradually persuading owners of woodland of the economic value of pro perly regulated forests ; and so saving else wasted value.

* * * *