18 JULY 1931, Page 3

Anglo-American Historians • At intervals of five years the Institute

of Historical Research under Professor Pollard holds a conference of Anglo-American historians. The third conference this week has been largely attended by representative scholars, and the Prime Minister made time on Monday to give them a long, interesting and witty address. He described the politicians as the pioneers and roadmakers, and the historians as those who come along later in charabancs and say whether the roads are smooth or bumpy. Mr. MacDonald wandered into a dangerous metaphor when he expressed in jest the wish that politicians, like engineers, could send out their men to make "full investigation before putting their plans into action." For no Prime Minister has appointed more Royal Commissions and Committees to investigate problems, or paid less attention to their reports. The historians, while not overburdened with meetings, have been entertained by the Archbishop, the London colleges, the Inner and Middle Temples and other bodies.