18 JULY 1931, Page 3

Professor Wildon Carr Professor Wildon Carr, who died on July

8th at Los Angeles at the age of seventy-five, was a City man who turned philosopher when he was past fifty and won a high reputation on both sides of the Atlantic as the disciple of Leibniz, the translator of Bergson and the leading English exponent of Vitalism. His version of Bergson's Creative Evolution, followed by a commentary on that remarkable work in 1911, won him immediate fame in the philosophic world. He was appointed to the Chair at King's College, London, in 1918, and, when his health failed, he became visiting professor at the University of Southern California. His last notable book was a classic monograph on Leibniz (1929). His literary skill' enabled him to make clear, if not to justify, his very difficult metaphysical doctrines.

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