18 OCTOBER 1919, Page 29

Be a Super-Salesman

and double your Income.

Learn the Art and Science of Successful Selling by an Interesting and Modern Method. Only a few pleasant evenings of study at home are necessary

SALESAIANSHIP of to-day is not the salesmanship of yesterday. Times have changed, and the man who hopes to achieve success in this dignified and remunerative profession must first make himself thoroughly acquainted with up-to-date methods of approaching and handling his prospective customer.

Modern Salesmanship means much more than mere buying and selling. It is an Art and a Science, and a successful Salesman is undoubtedly a master artist„ Mere " flows of language._"—the " gift of the gab " (to give it the more common expression)— will not create sales. While, of course, the ability to talk is a necessary qualification, this must be supplemented by the ability and knowledge of knowing how to talk. This is indisputably more important.

The Super-Salesman must possess many and varied qualifications. For instance, one of his essential requisites is tact in handling men. He must understand that no two men are alike.

What would be successful methods of approach in one case would only meet with utter failure in another. Above all, he must know the prospect he is calling upon, or if the Salesman and the customer have never before met, he should be capable of summing the latter up at first sight and of handling him accordingly. Different temperaments require different treatment—this is where a study of human nature becomes absolutely necessary.

In such a limited space it is impossible to enumerate at length all the qualities that go to make an efficient and successful Salesman. Personal appearance ; an intimate knowledge of the goods one is selling ; honesty in speech ; the will to oblige and the readiness to be of service with information and sometimes advice ; avoidance of self-interest ; avoidance of fear and lack of interest in the proposition offered, are just a few of the many vital and necessary points that have to be mastered.

The high-grade or Super-Salesman is the man who creates a desire on the buyer's part to own some of the merchandise which lie is selling. He persuades the prospect to believe what he wants him to believe, and to act in the manner desired by the Salesman. He uses the art of persuasion to such an extent that the contract is signed often before the buyer realises what has been done.

The Standard Art Book Co., Ltd., has prepared and published a remarkable Course in Su erSalesmanship, which will teachyou • everyting there is to be known of the Science of Successful Selling. The Course is composed of 'seven complete lessons, written and compiled by experts in the fascinating art of Salesmanship—men who can certainly speak with authority.

The Course embraces the whole and wide field of Salesmanship ; each subject is comprehensively dealt with in a simple and concise manner that can be easily understood and quickly grasped.Nothing that is necessary for the man—or woman—who desires to enter this splendid .profession to know is omitted. In seven lessons the whole secret of efficient and successful Salesmanship is laid bare. This wonderful Course is as invaluable to the man who already has a footing and who desires to reach the goal of his ambition as it is to the beginner. It constitutes a helping hand and an efficient and certain guide to success in Salesmanship.

Here are the seven lessons : (r) The Secret oe Successful Persuasion ; (2) How to make Peoplf Believe You ; (3) How to make People Want Things ; (4) How to Prepare People for the Word of Command ; (5) How to Give the Word of Command and be Obeyed ; (6) How to Sum People Up (7) Some Famous Sales Analysed. The four vital and all-important subjects : Approach, Demonstration, Closing Argument, and Signing the Contract: are fully explained and illustrated at great length, and the points that one can pick up from these chapters alone are worth very many times the cost of the whole Course. Experiments in successful Salesmanship ; personality ; personal appearance ; the psychological moment for the presentation of the contract ; how to conduct yourself during the interview, are dealt with in detail.

Surely sufficient has been stated here to enable you to form an idea of the extensive scope of this remarkable Course, and you cannot fail to realise the enormous advantages such a Course will give you.