18 OCTOBER 1997, Page 80

High life

I agree with Tebbit


he Bagel is enjoying an Indian sum- mer that would make Geronimo proud. If evanescence is the defining aspect of all beauty and of all pleasure, Manhattan right now has it in spades. Even the Barbarians who roam Central Park armed with their lethal ghetto-blasters have got into the spir- it of things. As the song says, 'Love is in the air . ..'

Until the weather changes, that is. Then we go back to selling poverty, Noo Yawk's main industry and numero uno job- provider. Let me explain: Lord Tebbit's condemnation of multiculturalism drew the usual hand-wringing from those who would rather lie than face the truth, i.e.,. almost everyone involved with government. Need- less to say, the poor little Greek boy agrees 100 per cent. And I have the facts and fig- ures to prove his lordship right. All one has to do is look what has happened to the Bagel.

Once upon a time, during the early Fifties, New York was a hell of a town. Conservative white ethnics ruled the roost, keeping social services accountable while trying to improve the lives of the poor. Crime was at a minimum, practised mostly among criminals. Then the proverbial you know what hit the fan. Liberal elites took over, just as blacks, encouraged by Viet- nam war protesters and civil rights marchers, decided to burn the place down. The liberal power elite immediately caved in. The personal responsibility once advo- cated by their predecessors became a no- no. A vast social welfare system and total dependence on government was the order of the day. Taxes rose accordingly, chasing out private industry. In ten short years the Big Bagel was broke.

It was practical multiculturalism long before the word was invented. The moral standards once applied to the Irish, Jewish and Italian immigrants to the Bagel were no longer valid. Noo Yawk became hooked on social spending, trying to keep race hus- tlers quiet and satisfied. Favour-dispensing and patronage centres tripped over each other to service the poor. Much of the poli- tics of the city revolved around expanding the social services industry. When the Aids virus first struck, New York's social ser- vices industry went into overdrive: 400-800 Aids prevention programmes — not includ- ing those run on a private basis — littered the scene. Yet the anti-poverty pro- grammes failed miserably. Never has the quality of life been worse than in neigh- bourhoods overrun by social services facili- ties.

However depressing it may sound, multi- culturalism is the 'nigger in the woodpile', pun intended. It is the reason for the poverty culture endemic to New York. It is a present-day version of Stalinism — a cul- ture without humour, pompous and self- satisfied. It has been the cause of enormous division in our society and it will get worse. The multiculturalists of the Left will make sure it does. The Christian reli- gion has been the worst hit. When was the last time one heard a clergyman denounce false teachings and proclaim a Christian God omnipotent? The excuse of not offending minorities has left our children unappreciative of history and our past. Instead, they have been taught such spuri- ous ideas as equality, non-competitiveness and self-expression. The result has been that they have no respect for anything.

Mind you, England is still better off than America where multiculturalism is con- cerned. When Trevor McDonald was asked which was his favourite poem, he named T.S. Eliot's 'Little Gidding'. He could never have got away with it over here. Any black man not naming Maya Angelou's drivel is an automatic Uncle Tom.

So, bravo, Norman Tebbit! And boo to those who booed him. I will go a step fur- ther. We are predominantly a white society rooted in Christianity, Ancient Greece and Rome. Our responsibility to immigrants and people of different colour is to bring them into our culture, not the other way round. If anybody tells you different, they speak with very forked tongue.