19 JULY 1879, Page 24

The Kingdom of Judah, by the Author of "The Wide,

Wide World" (Nisbet and Co.), one of the "Golden Ladder Series," contains in a remarkable degree that mingling of luxury and piety so notice- able in the works of some American writers. Its information is imparted in a clever and attractive form, by the well known author, who takes an indulgent and almost all-wise uncle, with his nieces and nephew, through the very places mentioned in the history with which he fills their minds. The instruction seems to be based on the most reliable authorities, and it is, perhaps, scarcely so much the fault of the author as of the reader, that we confess to having found the descriptions of the neat conveniences provided for the modern traveller oven more attractive than the ancient history. We hope the younger students, for whose benefit the book is written, will not fall into n similar snare. They will admire the coloured illustrations.