19 JULY 1902, Page 24

Vincent Stuckey Lean, 1820 - 1899. (J. W. Arrowstaith, Bristol.) —Mr. Stuckey

Lean will be remembered as having • be- queathed 450,000 to the free libraries of Bristol—he was a native of Clifton—and the same sum to the British Museum. (Has anything been done with the money ?) It is proposed to publish some of the collection of proverbs, weather adages, and folk-lore to which he gave the greater part of his time. In this pamphlet we have an interesting memoir, written by his niece, Miss Woodward. Mr. Stuckey Lean was a singular personality. Ho tried banking—he was connected by family with a well-knovin West Country bank—and the law, and gave up both. But the strangest thing about him was that for the last forty-five years of his life he had no settled home. He collected books on the • sub- jects which interested him, and had them stowed away in boxes, never to be seen again. How much he accomplished towards his great life-scheme, a collection of the "Proverbs of All Nations," we shall not know till his " Collectanea," to which this pamphlet is the introduction, shall have been published.