19 MAY 1900, Page 22



Sharpshooting for Sport and War. By W. W. Greener. (R. A. Everett and Co. ls.)—Mr. Greener devotes this excellent little book entirely to the rifle and its use. He is already known as a first-class authority on guns in general, and like some other noted gunmakers, has an expert's knowledge of their use. His pages will convert any reader to the belief that rifle practice and competitions are real sport, of a very high order, blending the excitement of a game of skill with the pleasure of physical "fit- ness," and of the perfect union and control of brain and senses. "Rifle-shooting, in any form of competition, calls for determina- tion, self-possession, faith in knowledge, self-confidence, and admiration for the achievements of others. It is a healthy recreation; it takes men out of doors, it is suitable for the

elderly, it is a good schooling for the young to become expert in the use of the long-range rifle, and to know the reason why, is to be a past master in a difficult art." We agree, but how is it to be learnt, let us say, by Londoners, who have not a single range at less than an hour's journey by rail? The practical directions for forming rifle clubs, managing competitions, and making ranges are all useful hints on an engrossing topic of the hour. Mr. Greener agrees that practical instruction in the use of the rifle might be and should be given in all schools.