1 SEPTEMBER 1917, Page 1

The French Army has again done splendidly outside Verdun. On

Friday week the French troops carried at a rush. Hill 304, west of the Mort Hamme, and thus completed the reconquest of their old first-lime positions west of the Meuse. They pushed forward a mile beyond the hill, and by last Saturday night had cleared the valley as far as the Forges Brook. The advance east of the Meuse was then resumed. On Sunday last the French assaulted and carried all the Gorman positions on a frost of two and a half miles in the woods of Foams and Beaumont, and went on to the outskirts of Beaumont village. The enemy, with characteristic mendacity, said that they had lost and recaptured Beaumont, but the French did not try to enter it. Over eleven hundred German prisoners were taken near Beaumont that day. Repeated German attacks north of the A15120 have failed to divert the attention of General Petain from Venturi.