1 SEPTEMBER 1917, Page 1

Towards the southern end of our line, there has been

hot work in the Epehy sector, due east of which the Cambrai-St. Quentin Canal runs underground for a mile or two, leaving a gap in the natural defensive line formed by this canal. Last Saturday morning the enemy made a determined attack on Gillemont Farm, south-east of Epehy, but did not carry it They gained a footing in some trenches outside, but were expelled from them the same night. They also made an unsuccessful raid abGouzeaueourt, to the north of Epohy. If their object was to anticipate an attack by us, they fa led, for last Sunday our men made a considerable advance on a front of a mile east of Hargicourt, which lies a few miles south of Epehy. The fortified farms Cologne and Malakoff, were taken with one hundred and thirty-six prisoners, and the line was pushed still hearer to the canal, north-west of St. Quentin.