1 SEPTEMBER 1917, Page 13


TM " Sewn:mm."1 Stn,—I was much interested in reading an article of yours on the liquor question, reproduced in the Literary Digest of New York. May I ask you to give space to an additional thought? Our Government has called upon the housewives of the United State. to organize for war-time thrift—not the thrift which will fill our own pockets or the country's treasury, but fled which will fill the stomachs of our Allies across the sea—the thrift which is not so much saving as sharing. Right royally have the women rallied to the colours, even before the organization is perfected. In many a carelessly administered home close saving has come to be the rule already. But the thinking women of the (toiletry, though they say nothing and save with the rest, cannot devote themselves as enthusiastically to this campaign as they would•if they did not know that all the women can save is 118 nothing to the amount the brewers will waste if the manufacture of beer its to be per- mitted to continue in this country and yours. Is it right, is it fair, to oak the American housekeeper to put her family on short rations, often at the cost of criticism from its less ardent members. only to save food materials which are to be worse than wasted in an industry which is diverting not only.thousands of bushel. of food materials, but thousands of units of man-power badly