1 SEPTEMBER 1917, Page 15


(To THE EDITOR or IDE " SPECTATOR."' Sin,—A correspondent asks for a potato cake recipe. Whoa the urgency for economy in wheat beearno so. paramount I suggested to my cook (a mast willing, patriotic country Oral that we about,' try making bread one-third potatoes and two-thirds flour. The result -turned out to be such a greet success that most of my friends now follow my example. and' are loud in its praise. Potatoes are now cheap and plentiful. What a tremendous easing of wheat for thecoming winter could be accomplished if they seer:- more generally used in the making of bread ! The bread 111.1, from our recipe is most palatable and keeps perfectly moist far four or five days.

The recipe for potato cakes is as follows s—Take any quantity of cold mashed potatoes; break into them an egg. add sufficient flour to make into a atifl paste; roll out and cut into rounds; either bake or fry lightly in greased pan, and serve very hot.—