1 SEPTEMBER 1917, Page 22

Wo have received two thoughtful pamphlets, Facing the Future of

Agriculture and. The Series Agricultural ,Situntioa. by Mr. W. W. Philip, of Gigha, Argyllshire (Dumfries : J. Maxwell. is. each), who maintains that the Corn Product ion Act, while helpful to the farmer, is not fair to time consumer and may bedisastrona for the landowner. Ile. proposes that rents should be regulated annually in accordance with market prices, and that the prices of farm produce should be fixed so as to cover the cost of production together with the farmer's profit. This is an ideal that even a Scottish Sheriff would, we fear, Ire unable to attain,. but Mr. Philip's general criticism of the Act deserves. attention. As he says, it is not to the interest of the crea- m 'ty, to put it mildly, that landowners should be ruined and capitalists deterred from investment in am iculture, which is st ill our greatest industry.