20 APRIL 1839, Page 10



OIL the 1.2..11 inst., at Ilickleharn Lail. ALBERT CONYNGHAM, Of 11111111011On On the 13th inst., at the Vicarage, Barking, the lion. Mrs. liunEwr I.,tonEt.t., of it son. On the llth inA., at Piccadilly, the Lady DITHIAN, of a daughter. On the 1-Ith inst., in Bryanstone Square. Lady ELIZABETH DRUMMOND, of a sun. On the Bah inst., in Grosvenor Street, the Lady of the Hun. CHARLEe 11ANIIITIY

TeAcv, of a daughter.

On the loth bust., at Bedell, Barham Downs, the Lady of Sir Himont, l'bosnicrr, of


tun the 111th lust., at the N'icarage, 'Milton Abbott, Devon, the lady of the Rev. ST. VI NcENT IIAMMICK, of at sou. On the lolls lust., at Tunbridge Wells, the Lady of Aurnun W. WARD, Esq., of a son.

On the 13th inst., at Brook Green, the Lady of the Rev. EIGVARD WICKHAM, of a son.


On the 18111 inst., at St. George's, Hanover Square, Aiontit Marquis of Douse, to Lady ELIZABETH DAY, fourth daughter of the Marquise( Tweeddale. Oh the 17th IDA., at St. Peter's, Bryan stone Spare, Major CAMPBELL, to Miss Louisa RICK ET, (DI 11111 11111 inst., at the British Ambassador's, Paris, the Chevalier Aterenic DK SAT GE, youngest son of Cosme Baron De Singe, to the Dom liAtuntET HOWLEY, daughter ot' the Dowager Lady Langford. On the Rith alt.. at Upham, 1131118, WALTER ?I ERVOIS LONG, Esq., eldest sou of Walter Long, of Preshaw Ilouse, Ilants. Esq., to EMILY JAKE, eldest daughter of Edward Monad Gale, of Upham, Hunts, Esq. On the Ilth inst., at Bolton 'Yorkshire, the Bev. WILLOUGIIIIY J. E. Iteouz, second comm Of Major-General Sir Willoughby Hooke, C.D. and to CourtrANE, youngest daughter of the late Anthony 'Antedate, Esq. On the 10th inst., Count !War ex CARTE LLANE, eldest son of Lieut.-Gen. Count Do Castellano, to Mlle. DE unto, daughter of the Dutehess De Dino. On the 131.11 lost., at St. Matthew s, Brixton, HENRY IIAMILTON, Esq., of Langhorne, to only (laughter or the late Donald Sutherland, Esq., of the same


On the 12th lust., very suddenly, rtt his residence near Ilettlogne.sur.Mer,

Gen. Sir THEOVIIILVS Piterzutit, On the 10th inst., at the residence of the late Rev. Thomas Watkins, Winchester, of iipoplexv, Lieut.-Col. THOMAS LE BRETON PIPON, of the Royal Militia Artillery of the 'Wand of Jersey. On the 14th inst., at Belsize Park, Hampstead, HENRIETTA, Wife of John Wright, Esq.

On the 12th Lust., at Carreylwyd, Anglesey, MILLARD GRIFFITH, Esq., in ids 84th year. On the lltht at ., a_ _reenoch, JOHN GALT, Esq.

On the lath inst., Mr. CHARLES Munany, of Uxbridge, builder, in his Geth year. . _