20 APRIL 1889, Page 14



Srn,—Since you are taking up the subject of Irish "hulls,' perhaps the following will prove acceptable. John Brougham,.

better known to us than to his native countrymen as an actor, writer, and wit, proposed it as a possible letter from an Irish gentleman to his son at school :—

"My DEAR Sow,—I write to send you two pair of my old breeches, that you may have a new coat made out of them. Also- some new socks that your mother has just knit by cutting down some of mine. Your mother sends you $10 without my knowledge, and for fear you may not spend it wisely, I have kept back one- half, and only send you five. Your mother and I aro well, except that your sister has got the measles, which we think would spread among the other girls if Tom had not had it before, and he is the only one left. I hope you will do honour to my teachings ; if not, you are an ass, and your mother and myself your affectionate parents." This, I think, matches in cleverness and authenticity the letter from Sir Boyle Roche in a recent Spectator.—I am, Sir, &c.,


The Fellotoeraft Club, New York, April 1.