20 APRIL 1889, Page 24

NEW Enrrioxs Awn REPKINTS.—Hayti ; or, the Black Republic. By

Sir Spenser St. John. (Smith and Elder.)—We may remark, in passing, that the author's views have not been contradicted by what has happened since the publication of his first edition. — John the Baptist. By Henry Robert Reynolds, D.D. (Congregational Union.)-1 third edition, with an interesting preface by the author, in which he deals with the change which has taken place in the situation of the controversy (the work is described as a "contribution to Christian Evidences ") since the lectures were first delivered, now seventeen years ago.—Children of the State. By Florence Davenport Hill. Edited by Fanny Fowke. A second edition, revised and enlarged. (Macmillan.)— Cary's Translation of the Vision [Divina Ccraimedia] of Dante. (Warne and Co.)—The Gamekeeper's Manual. By Alexander Porter. (D. Douglas, Edin- burgh.)—Whartan's Law-Lexicon. Edited by J. M. Lely, M.A. (Stevens and Sons.)—The first edition of this "Epitome of the Law of England" appeared about forty years ago. It has since then gone through the hands of two editors, Mr. Brandt and Mr. Shiress Will. The present is the eighth edition, not only brought down to date, but considerably enlarged in scope, an economy in space being at the same time effected by the excision of matter that could be dispensed with. The work now extends to nearly eight hundred pages.—Parliamentary Government in England. By Alpheus Todd, LL.D. Vol. II. A second edition, by the Author's Son. (Longmans.)—How We are Governed. By Albany de Fonblanque. Sixteenth edition, revised, and re-edited by W. J. Gordon. (Warne and Co.)—Kaye and Malleson's History of the Indian Mutiny of 1857-58. Edited by Colonel Malleson. (W. H. Allen.)—The third volume by the editor.—In "The Ancient and Modern Library of Theological Literature" (Griffith, Farran, and Co.), we have The Provincial Letters of Blaise Pascal, to which has been prefixed a biographical preface.—The New Reciter, Reader, and Orator. By Frederick George Webb. (Dean and Son.)-17/u. By James Thomson and E. Harris Smith. (Samp- son Low and Co.)—Jack's Courtship. By W. Clark Russell. (Same publisher.)—John Brown and Larry Lohengrin. By William Westall. (Ward and Downey.)—Harvest. By John Strange Winter. (Hansom Cab Publishing Company.)—The Story of an African Farm. By Ralph Iron (Olive Schreiner). (Chapman and Hall.)—The Confessions of Maud, by Edgar Faw- cett; John Bodewin's Testimony, by Mary Hallock Foote; and Rachel Armstrong, by Celia Parker Woolley (Ticknor and Co., Boston, U.S.A.) These last three belong to a series entitled " Ticknor's Paper Series."—How I Escaped. By W. H. Perkins. (Ward and Lock.)