20 APRIL 1889, Page 24

The City of London Directory, 1889. (Collingridge.) — We need not do

more than call attention to the issue for the current year of this excellent directory. It abounds with interesting informa- tion,—as, e.g., that the list of Livery voters (persons belonging to the Livery Companies, and residing within twenty-five miles of the City for six months before July 14th) amounts to 7,816; among these, the Loriners are most numerous, counting 413. Among the twelve great Companies, the Haberdashers hold the first place with 318. We must call special attention to the excellent map of the City.—The India Office List for 1889 (Harrison and Sons) contains an official "Account of the Services of the Officers in the Indian Service," gives the Civil Code of India, a description of the provinces, statistics of various kinds, &c.—Shelley and Co.'s Com- plete Press Directory, 1889. (Shelley and Co.)—A new feature in this edition is the "Summary of Newspaper Law Cases."