20 FEBRUARY 1875, Page 1

Household suffrage has illustrated itself in Stoke-upon-Trent by returning Dr.

Kenealy, Counsel for the butcher who claimed the Tichborne baronetcy and was recently imprisoned for per- jury. The candidates were Mr. Davenport, a Conservative,Q.C. ; Mr. Walton, an architect, who has been a working-man and is a strong Liberal ; and Dr. Kenealy, who professes to contemn both parties. From the first it was evident that Dr. Kenealy—partly from his furious language, partly as the "heroic" assailant of Judges, Ministers, and Benchers, but chiefly as Counsel for the Claimant —was the popular favourite. A majority of the constituency are miners or potters, and as the election drew near it was evident that they had broken loose from the respectable classes, and that if Dr. Kenealy were not returned there would be a serious out- break. Elaborate precautions were taken to secure the peace, but they proved to be unnecessary, for on Tuesday evening the Returning Officer announced that the numbers were,—for Kenealy, 6,110; for Walton, 4,168; and for Davenport, 3,901. The news has been received by politicians of all shades with a kind of dis- may, as indicating a sudden development of political rowdyism, but there is no doubt that the election is legal.