21 AUGUST 1852, Page 10

The Norwich Festival is to be held on the 21st,

22d, 23d, and 24th days of September, under the musical direction of Mr. Benedict. The principal singers are Madame Viardot-Garcia, Madame Fiorentini, Miss Louisa Pyne, Miss Alleyne, Miss Dolby, Signor Gardoni, Mr. and Mrs. Sims Reeves, Signor Belletti, Mr. Weiss, and Herr Formes. Two maiden works of young English musicians are to be produced—both oratorios : the one by Dr. Bexfield, a native of Norwich ; the other by Mr. Pierson, a relative we believe, of the Dean of Salisbury. This gentleman, whose musical attainments are said to be very great, was, on the death of Mr. John Thomson, elected Professor of Music in the University of Edfli- burgh; but,.though he had stood as a candidate, he did not appear to as- sume the office. He was consequently superseded, and the present Pro- fessor, Mr. Donaldson, was elected.