21 JUNE 1913, Page 16

to be known to be widely used by those travelling

by land or sea, who, by reason of their sex and youth, need care and supervision. The Travellers' Aid has been at work for nearly thirty years, meeting young women who journey from place to place, or wish to pass to our Dominions beyond the sea. When duly advised, we meet the girls at the stations or docks. We Can either lodge them for a night, or see that they are safely housed till they continue their journey or find the service or profession which they desire to enter. We make inquiries as to prospective situations, and in many ways are able to circumvent those who wait on those who are " ignorant and out of the way." Our work is preventative, giving to the unguarded travellers that protection and oversight which the wealthy classes are able to provide for the young women of their own class. The fees charged are small, and the work undertaken is large. That our reports should be sought after and our aid invoked is the earnest desire of my committee. The work is not self-supporting, and can only be carried on by the help of those who like to think that nothing is left undone which ensures the safety of the young womanhood of