21 JUNE 1913, Page 26

.My Motor Milestones. By the Baroness Campbell von Laurentz. (Herbert

Jenkins. 5s. net.)—The author of the present volume has had a wide experience of motors, for she must have been one of the first women to drive her own car on tour. She undertook a journey through Norfolk as early as 1901. Her book is exceedingly practical, and would probably prove valuable to anyone who for the first time proposed to take a journey upon the Continent in a car. Our author has had every sort of car, from a little early " Locomobile," which must have looked exactly like a small four-wheeled dog-cart with the horse taken out, to an up-to-date motor of the present day, and with these very diverse machines she has traversed almost all the roads of France and has besides travelled in Italy, in Germany, and in Algiers. In her accounts of these tours she gives her mileage for each day. The book is occasionally somewhat tantalizing to the general reader, who probably would rather have heard more about how, for instance, they fed huge orange-coloured slugs with ham one day in Touraine. The present writer (who knows the type of slug exceedingly well by sight) is at a loss to imagine how they eat it. The book is illustrated by a number of interesting photographs, and it is curious to notice how immensely motors have improved in looks since even 1906.