22 FEBRUARY 1930, Page 15


Visions of direct railway communication between North and South America, long contemplated, have been brought a degree nearer realization by the completion of sections of the International Railways of Central America linking the railways of Guatemala and Salvador in one system which extends to the borders of Nicaragua. To the North, the International Railways now have direct 'connexion with the Mexican National Railway, and from that to the railways of the United States and Canada. Thus it is possible now to travel by rail from any part of Canada or the United States to Nicaragua, while an extension of the line farther south is projected. Cecil Rhodes' vision of a Cape Town to Cairo railway hai its counterpart in the minds of American railway engineers, who anticipate a time when a railway service from Alaska to Cape Horn will be an accomplished fact. Mean- while headway is also being made in road construction between the Northern and Southern continents. Negotiations arc progressing between the United States and Canada for the completion of an automobile highway from Seattle, Washing- ton, through Canada, to Fairbanks, Alaska—a total distance of about 2,000 miles—while similar highways linking North, Central and South America are also projected.