22 FEBRUARY 1930, Page 3

The Prime Minister and the I.L.P.

The Prime MiniSter has resigned from the Independent Labour Party. The I.L.P.,' which was aptly described by a German cbniinentator, Herr Egon Wertheimer, as "rocketing aimlessly in space," has, in our opinion, outlived its usefulness, except as -a propagandist organ- ization. Btif it is not Content to be merely that. In 1926 it put forward its policy of " Socialistn in Our 'rime," although- in 1924, when Labour was in power, the Party as a Whole and abOit all, its wisest heath, Mr, Snowden and Mr. MacDonald himself, had been won over to the more realistic doctrines of the " inevita- bility of gradualness." We congratulate the . Prime Minister on his courage, both because of the personal wrench that it means, and because of his appropriate and timely vindication of the Labour Party's Parlia- mentary self-respect. More than ever are we convinced of the frailty of the Socialist myth, of which we wrote when the new Government " faced up " to its responsL bilities last June. * * * *