22 FEBRUARY 1930, Page 40

Professor E. Allison Peers of the University of Liverpool once

more hits put us in his debt by the production of Spain : A Companion to Spanish Travel in the Kit-Bag Travel Book Series (Harrap, 7s. 6d.). Some such up-to-date work as this was badly needed, for many are the legends that still-persist about Spain, atrocious roads, out-of-date and squalid hotels, &c. The truth is, of course, exactly the opposite. The roads are second to none in Europe, except, of course, in the remote undeveloped villages, and railway communications are improving. Under the Primo de Rivera Dictatorship, a special Development Loan for the railways was arranged, new rolling stock was introduced, electrification schemes went ahead, etc. Professor Allison Peers takes you by the ordinary route into Spain, " The 'Western Gate,” follows the road to Madrid, and-introduces the reader to all the important towns within- reach of Madrid. He then takes you southward to Seville, the Southern epast towns, Granada, and finally , in Part HI. goes through the chief districts of the North and out by the Eastern Gate. The chapter on Majorca completes a very* useful and very attractively written piece of work. &special word of commendation is due to the very attractive photographs, over' thirty of -them. -Many--of these are by Mr. G. E. Thompson.