22 MARCH 1946, Page 15


S18,—For the help of Mr. Morley and my other fellow-treasurers, may I point out that a Minister does not, and should not, come within present compulsory insurance and future insurance under Class (a) because his vocation is not " employment under a contract of service " as those words are understood in law (see Congregational Year Book). The Church does not possess aid would not wish that- measure of control over hours and method of work as would amount to the relation- ship of master and servant. Ministers will, however, come within the new Class (b), under which they will be insured for everything except unemployment benefit and, perhaps, sickness pay for the first twenty-four days. The whole trouble has arisen through the unfortunate expression " self-employed." The full definition is gainfully occupied but not engaged in employment under a contract of service.—Yours truly, AUSTEN SPEARING.

Broadway Congregational Friendly Society, Hammersmith.