22 MARCH 1946, Page 16

Feeding of Birds It is my experience that birds are

hungrier in early spring than at any date, and that then a well-provided bird-table earns the highest dividends. A good table should be portable, and, to my thinking, much the most useful design is also one of the easiest to m2ke. Four legs are better than one. They should be in scissor-like pairs, straddled enough to give room for a table and hood at the top, and in order that the stance may be firm the junction of each scissor-pair should be nearer the top than the bottom. From the point of view of the observer, rather than the bird, the most intimate method of attracting birds is the window-sill tray, which will often allure birds into the room. The most generally popular food—it pleases finches and nuthatches and thrushes as well as tits—is doubtless a supply, a regular supply; of cut or ground nuts. They provide the fat that we are not allowed or able to give in the shape of butter or suet.